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Radio, Imagination and Art

Lately I am listening to radio dramas as I work in the studio. I have been a “listener” since I was six years-old, a Bendix radio perched atop my desk. Drawing and listening became a composite whole, the aural environment … Continue reading

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Edges and Boundaries

I am interested in edges, a reasonable pursuit for a painter. I look at different painters and how they handle the edges of forms. Some make edges that are crisp and clear, others that are soft but simple, others make … Continue reading

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  I think our culture is stuck. I think the frustration I feel, that it seems so many feel with the logjam in Washington right now is just the obvious emergence of a broader frustration that permeates our whole culture. … Continue reading

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Note about the galleries

The gallery names Formations, Explorations, Observations, Recognitions were not meant to be artificial or presumptuous, but because the simpler “Painting” and “Drawing” categories did not seem to fit very well. The process and the purpose of the making were better … Continue reading

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