FORMATIONS II: form studies in paper
Each design is 12 x 12 inches, from an edition of 200 relief prints made individually, signed and numbered and mounted in a black shadowbox frame approximately 20 x 20 inches.

I started exploring handmade paper during the 70’s when I discovered a small piece by an Argentinian artist named Rudolfo Krasno working in Paris. It was a paper bas-relief but much deeper than an embossing could achieve. I was fascinated by the fossil-like quality of the form revealed only by shadow. There was a renaissance of hand paper-making going on in the US, but noone knew how this piece had been made. Over the next year I devised a process of mold forming freshly made cotton pulp sheets from original sculpture. I am attracted at the same time to organic forms as they are described by light and by the rich textural quality of handmade paper.

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