Looking at the June Life Drawing Workshop

unravellingMy life drawing workshop this June used iconic images posted on the wall to symbolize the central ideas of the class. The image of unraveling rope above represents the revealing of significant paths to approach this complex problem by way of the particular aptitudes of the participants, paralleling Patangali’s system of different but complementary Yogas.

the class in my studio

The workshop was organized around Grimm’s story The Drummer. This tale is a metaphor for the adventure of the hero who uses daring, craft, stealth, and even surrender at appropriate moments to meet challenges that in fact exceed his or her own capacities . The workshop faces participants with the not insignificant challenge of drawing the figure by inviting courage, by using insights from classical masters, and by some skillful trickery.

idea and action

Some of the other important ideas encountered included:

•  The joining of separate ideas and actions into pairs which begin to weave together to constitute meaning and over time, create the arc of our story and purpose.

•  The issue of Bandwidth, how we choke the input and how we can instead expand our vocabulary of expression and achievement.

•  Holding the tension of Opposition as the key to the emergence of creative solution.

bandwidth and tension

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