RECOGNITIONS: the Thread of meaning
I like the metaphor of a Thread which I follow in my art. Oddly, it is not a thread that can be seen. It is felt, intuited, often lost then found again by subtle means. This Thread goes through a series of “stations” like the Metro, although there is no map posted along the route. Each stop has particular character, atmosphere, and purpose and I have tried to organize this site in response to that: formations, observations, explorations, and here: Recognitions. This is the station and the territory most deeply expressive, emotional, psychological or mythic It is often a commentary on the narrative arc of our lives as individuals and as a culture. These stations form an “ambit” by which I visit more or less in sequence the perimeter of the whole territory of my art. Sometimes I have the inclination to find a simple, single, whole and consistent identity or to enforce one. But then there is a counter energy that resists that control and breaks it apart for fresh inspiration.