Rix Jennings Summer Life Drawing Workshops

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I am teaching two life-drawing workshops again this summer at my studio. These have evolved over 30 years into 3–day immersion experiences quite different from regular drawing classes. The evolution was the result of 2 important, divergent traditions in my own learning.

3I drew in the studios of two different masters in the classical tradition, where there was nothing that could be called instruction per se, but a lot of learning by contact and osmosis. I was also involved in the traditions of Eastern consciousness and meditation and studied with a master in that tradition for 2 decades. Our present day education is very different from either of these approaches and I felt compelled to translate and invent ways that inner and outer work could be brought to bear on drawing. This led to the development of my own approach.

4Thus, my workshops are part consciousness, part experimental practice, and part classical structure. In three intense sessions, we cover a lot of ground. There are a lot of different ways the subtlety and complexity of the human figure can be approached. A class that is driven by the one style or attitude of the teacher misses the fact that students are each different and have different strengths and aptitudes. The goal of the 3-day workshop is to discover the particular path that is natural and of least resistance for each participant. My role as teacher is not Instruction (Latin: “pack it in”) but to lead out, sometimes even by trickery, what is already there.


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